Dual High-Throughput Automated Analysis Of Histomorphometric Markers Of Fibrosis And Emphysema In Two Bleomycin-Induced Mouse Models Of Pulmonary Fibrosis

By 24 May 2023June 18th, 2024PAH, Poster

Authors : Cindy Serdjebi1, Asbjørn Graver Petersen2, Florine Chandes1, Denise Oró2, Henrik H Hansen2, Bastien Lepoivre1, Joel Berniac1, Michael Feigh

1Biocellvia, Marseille, France
2Gubra A/S, Hørsholm, Denmark

Cindy Serdjebi, R&D Director,


Emphysema coexists with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), characterized by expiratory flow limitation and alveolar injury, in up to one third of IPF patients. As for IPF, the prognosis of combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema (CPFE) is poor, and no curative treatments exists. While the bleomycin (BLEO)-induced fibrotic mouse is the most used rodent model of IPF, it is still unclear whether the BLEO-IPF mouse also shows histological features of emphysema. In the present study, we evaluated the BLEO-IPF mouse for histopathological hallmarks of IPF and emphysema at once, using a fully automated software suite. Considering that lipotoxicity is a risk factor for developing pulmonary complications, the lung histopathological phenotype was assessed in both low- and high-fat diet-fed BLEO-IPF mice.